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Telboy's Shrine to Saber Marionette J

Saber Marionette J, well where do I start? It all started when Mr Carnall lent me his dodgy fansubbed nth generation copy including extra features like wavy lines and fuzzy picture but the brilliance of this anime still shone through. This thing kept me up to 6am one morning when I knew I had to get up at ten. What a series... don't worry I bought the commercial releases.

The Storyline

So what's this thing all about then? I'll try and make this sound like I'm not copying it of the back of the tape box... I'm not, alright! There is this planet that is populated completely by blokes (they're all clones you see) and the only female company are these marionettes. Female androids without emotions, that is until the Saber Marionettes arrive on the scene. Basically this is a love comedy very much like Tenchi and yet completely different and a whole lot better. Well, I think so! I won't give away too much of the plot, but suffice to say it has a few twists and turns along the way.

My thoughts about the main characters...

Otaru This is Otaru, the hero of the story and the target of all three marionette's affections. What a guy! But like all anime blokes he just can't choose, did I hear someone say Tenchi? Shame on you...
LIME! This is Lime, the first Marionette that Otaru awakens. She is barmy but I love her so...
Cherry This is Cherry, the second Marionette that Otaru wakes up. She is prone to having the odd fantasy about Otaru at the most inopportune moments. She is scary... but cooks up some delicious pickles!
Bloodberry This is Bloodberry, the third Marionette that Otaru brings to life. A typical Amazon warrior, she's strong, feisty and likes her sake. She'd float my boat... ahem, sorry.
Hanagata This is Hanagata, he becomes the comedy character in later episodes. He appears to tell of his love for Otaru only to be sent flying into the horizon by the Marionettes disappearing until the next episode, comedy genius!


With all anime, this series has some classic quotes. For your viewing pleasure here are my favourites...

Look there's Faust skipping the jig with his hair in a top-knot!
(I wonder if this was actually what he said in Japanese...)

So what's out there?

Well, there are four lots of Saber anime out there at the moment, the first is the TV Series - 25 episodes in length, the second is Saber Marionette J Again (6 OVAs) which continues the story from the end of the TV series exactly. At the moment I've only seen the first volume of the OVAs, that's the problem of living in the UK... none of the good stuff gets released!
There is a second TV series on the way to being released, or is being relased as I type, Saber Marionette J to X, but I know nothing about it! Well that is a bit of a lie as I know the character designs are a bit more simplified, but that's it.
The last one is an anime called Saber Marionette R that features 'young' versions of the marionettes apparently. When I get round to it, I'm gonna buy this and have a look.
Happy Viewing!!!

Due to a severe lack of time to do anything I havent't been able to add anything recently, but don't worry I'll be doing new stuff soon, honest!

Page created on the 18th July 2000! :)

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